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Behavioral Health Services

DDRC Behavioral Health Services are available to individuals of all ages who have been determined eligible for DDRC services.

Individuals who request services are evaluated to determine what behavioral health intervention would be most beneficial. Services offered include behavioral and/or psychiatric assessment and interventions, medical and medication review, care coordination, and training for providers, staff and families. Group sessions teaching social skills for consumers are also offered periodically. The DDRC Behavioral Health Team will collaborate with other community agencies in the treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities who experience behavioral health and/or mental health issues.

Individuals who might meet the "Medicaid Covered Diagnosis Criteria" for mental illness will likely be referred to Jefferson Center for Mental Health. This is to avoid duplication of services and to steer the county DDRC funding for this program to individuals who cannot access other mental health services.

If you are interested in a referral to the Behavioral Health Services Team, please contact your Resource Coordinator.

If you have general questions or comments you may also contact Janet Mariani at 303 462-6686 or Beverly Winters at 303-462-6510.

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